Crash Experiences Concerns

I was using the standard Firewire driver and the 800 port. I have since installed the Legacy driver “1394_OHCI_LegacyDriver.msi” as you suggested:

No problems so far. I will report back to group if this clears up my BSOD. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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Hope that helps.

If you still have issues, you could try switching to a 400 port if your card has one and if you have a correct cable. As I said earlier, there will be no performance difference and I’ve seen more complaints of problems with Windows and Firewire 800 drivers than the 400 drivers.

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Thanks for the link. Yet my issue is somewhat different! I may be able to hear my playing on headphones for a certain time but then the headphones are suddenly muted.
I haven’t checked the symmetrical audio outputs, if they are also “dead”, that’s what I am going to do next.

YAY! Switching to the Firewire Legacy driver has solved my BSODs. My computer has been running for two solid days with no crashes. I am now a happy camper! Thanks so much guys :slight_smile: