Crash after audio interface disconnected

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I use a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 3rd Gen with Gigperformer and it runs into a laptop. I play at home and at local venues. Being in the south of Spain, the electrical supplies aren’t always the best and from time to time there’ll be a brown out or a momentary loss of power (under 1 second). Unfortunately this causes the Focusrite to disconnect for a moment. The red screen comes up on gigperformer letting me know that the interface has been disconnected but it never recovers - it results in gigperformer crashing and I have to reopen it. In a live situation this means the band can’t play for at least a minute while I recover everything. This has happened twice in the last month at live events.

What can be done to stop GP from freaking out and crashing so that it can, instead, gracefully recover?

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EDIT: Removal of mentions of BSOD as no longer relevant to conversation.

You should think about
using and uninterruptible power supply

Like this


Thanks pianopaul,

that’s definitely something I had considered but it adds more bulk and weight to my already bulky and weighty setup (and doesn’t resolve the main issue either). If I did get a UPS it would be a much smaller one designed for a single device

Pianopaul is right!
Or you could also get it as a rackmount system…

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I’m not exactly sure how GP can protect you if there’s a power problem. For a start, GP itself does not do any kernel level operations (it runs just as a regular application) so can it itself cause BSOD issues.

The BSOD is most likely being caused by the device driver for your audio interface. Most likely the power issue puts the interface in some strange state that the device driver doesn’t or can’t properly handle.

Thanks dhj,

The BSOD is much less frequent than the software crash. I understand what you’re saying about BSOD but as it’s not the typical outcome let’s discount that.

The fact that GP has a provision for the disconnection of the audio hardware (red screen telling you to reconnect it) suggests that this has already been given some consideration. I have also read that others do not suffer a crash when this occurs to them. So I’m really trying to ascertain why GP’s ‘safety’ system doesn’t catch them all/catch mine?

No application has “safety systems” against the BSOD.
If you read differently, that’s “fake news”.

As I mentioned above, I’m no longer referring to the BSOD but specifically GP crashes.

GP can only detect that the device disconnected or reconnected via information from the device driver. If the device driver is faulty (and therefore causes a BSOD), GP can’t do anything. You need to contact whoever created the device driver.

Please can we stop talking about BSOD and gust focus on GP crashing?

Then we need to see the GP crash report

ahhhh ok… let me see what I can dig out form the last one, thank you

I actually use the UK plug version of that Eaton UPS… it works really, really well. I have my PC and Roland Fantom plugged into the battery backed side and my powered stage monitors and a USB charger plugged into the surge protected side on my live rig.

CrashRpt-Log-20230626-222120-{d4b75d2f-3eb5-4898-a26c-f316a55b62b9}.txt (28.1 KB)
Here’s the crash report. It doesn’t appear to contain anything useful to be honest - just a list of what it dumped. do I need to be looking somewhere else for a different file?

These are the steps: Integra-7 controlled by Gig Performer - is it possible yet? - #17 by npudar

I can confirm that this is a problem with focusrite interfaces. Just as GP can only do so much to protect itself from misbehaving plugins it can probably do less about bad hardware drivers.

Fortunately for me almost all the times it has happened were self inflicted (although unintended) like unplugging the wrong cable and not during a live show.

I recently switched from a laptop to a mini PC for live performance and have been very nervous about running without a ups but have the same concern about more bulk and weight.

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