CPU On with Empty Rackpsace Increases Over Time


I am starting notice an increase in CPU, using an empty rackspace, over a session using GP.

Using an empty rackspace, when I start the session I think it hovers between 4% and 8%. Nice.

But, it seems (I really noticed it this morning) over time, the CPU while using an empty rackspace goes up to 20%.

This is on a new beefy Lenovo laptop. (I can get the specs, but they are good).

Any thoughts? Troubleshooting?



Global rackspace is empty?

No, there are items in the Global Rackpsace.

But, I don’t know why CPU would increase over time due to that.


What CPU usage are you talking about?
The display within Gig Performer or the Windows Task manager?

The display within Gig Performer

With a blank gig file?

No, I can try a blank gig file.

This is with my (big) Gig File (which uses the Global Rackpsace).

But, when I open it, it hovers between 5-8% when it is on an empty local rackspace (I know the Global Rackpsace is always active).

But, after a while using the Gig file, I think it seems to creep up to 20% on an empty local rackspace.

I am just wondering if I am missing something?

I am not having an audio issues. When I use a local rackspace with plugins, I think it goes up as high as 50% (or so?) (still no issue with artifacts, etc.)


Yes, try with a blank gig first. If the problem doesn’t happen there, then you know the issue is within that particular gig file.
On my oldest machine with a processor from 2014, a blank gig file sits between 1-2%.

If you upload the gig file, I can take a look.

Thank you. I am away from my computer.

I will check an empty gig file. I suspect a blank gig file will use little cpu and it will not change.

I will also try to see when it starts creeping up. If there is a rackspace where it goes up.

Then I can look into uploading the (big) Gig file.


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Please set predictive load to 1 and test again.
I think there are some plugins in your gig which consume cpu when first used and do not free cpu when not in the active rackspace.

Thanks, I will try that too.

I spent about 20 minutes or so playing through lots of rackspaces. And it returned back to low cpu, no issues.

I will be more observant of when it seems to happen (if it happens again).


I figured I would post my follow up here.

I think the CPU on empty rackspaces went up because I left the computer a long time with a more CPU intensive rackspace open and it heated up the laptop. I had not turned on the cooling pad (I often do not). (I might have been using the laptop too).

So, I think the heat caused the CPU usage to go up. (it never caused a problem in terms of performance).

I think CPU stayed up on empty rackspaces because of the thermal issue and the fact that the cooling pad was not on. (I suspect if I left it on an empty rackspace long enough without using the laptop, it would have (very) slowly gone down on its own).

So, when I switched to an empty rackspace and turned on the cooling pad, over time the CPU came back down to 4-7 range it typically has on an empty rackspace.

That’s my theory, anyway.