CPU intensive plugins

Following this post, some answers have been given and it may be interesting to know which plugins are greedy in cpu cycles and if this is the case for all users.


Arturia Augmented Strings → LINK

Sampletank VST3 → LINK

Arturia Stage-73 → LINK


Buchla Easel from Arturia V6 Collection → LINK

Diva from U-HE → LINK

DX7 from Arturia V8 is higher than all the others I use from the V8 collection, although it is only noticed on my old Mac Pro

Have you tested Dexed?
It is so close to the original DX7 that I can hardly tell the difference with my 1985 recordings.
2 advantages: it’s free and in GP the cpu indicates between 0 and 1 %.
And there are some 16,000 sound banks available (with many duplicates).


I will give it a go thanks.

I found Noire in Kontakt to be high on my old PC setup, but don’t notice any issues now.

Korg Triton extreme uses a lot of CPU


The Morgan Amp Suite from Neural uses a lot of CPU, especially in stereo mode. The AC20 model in there is manageable (barely), but the PR12 and SW50 models use quite a bit more horsepower for some reason, and when combined with other plugins can easily push my 2017 i7 laptop past 60% and into dropout territory.