Could I use Gig Performer as a MIDI Router on my Mac?

I have ordered today the MC6 Pro. I would like to use it to have an additional MIDI Foot Controller for my Mastermind PBC6+10 Switchers which are more in the background of my studio because I send mainly MIDI Program Changes via the Gig Performer in order to change Presets on both units and on the Quad Cortex which works very good. (Thank you Gig Performer :-)) But in order to have an additional immediate stompbox like access to those units and the pedals which are connected to them I would like to use the MC6 Pro. My basic question is if Gig Performer in this scenario could be used as a MIDI Router to make sure that MIDI Messages which are send from the MC6 Pro to my Mac are forwarded via an activated MIDI Thru Function in Gig Performer to their correct destinations (Quad Cortex, PBC6, PBC10)?
The PBC6 has only a DIN MIDI OUT Port and you need an Y MIDI Cable if you want to have a MIDI IN and OUT functionality. The PBC10 has DIN MIDI IN and OUT Ports. So if I want to control both devices with the MC6 Pro via MIDI I wonder what would be the best way to set this up?
The MC6 Pro as the controlling source unit and the Quad Cortex and the PCB6 and 10 as the receiving devices have all USB Ports which are able to send and receive MIDI from the Computer when they are connected via USB with my Mac. The problem is that I think the Morningstar can only be connected to one USB MIDI Device at the same time. In this scenario the computer. But how can I route the MIDI Messages which are send to the computer in a way that they will be received by the Quad Cortex and the two Masterminds devices? I would prefer the solution to send everything to my Mac via USB and then route it to the other devices because otherwise it gets a little complicated. I would have to use MIDI Split Boxes I guess and/or MIDI Y Cables because the PCB6 has only one MIDI OUT DIN Port and no MIDI IN DIN Port.
So as I said could Gig Performer in this scenario serve as a MIDI Router?

You can route incoming MIDI messages directly to output devicesby just connecting MIDI In blocks to the appropriate MIDI Out blocks.

This is pretty basic – is there something I’m missing?


Would this mean that I have to put those blocks in every Gig File/Song? Or could I just put one routing block configuration in one global backspace? The other problem I see is that I don’t want to overcomplicate things. I am looking for a simple solution, but I got the impression that it is not so trivial because if I use some kind of MIDI Routing Software or Gig Performer and I use always the same configuration and this configuration says route all MIDI Messages which arrive from the MC6 Pro Controller at the computer to the PBC6, PBC10 and the Quad Cortex this will end up in chaos because let’s say the MC6 Pro sends a MIDI Program Change to the computer and this Program Change is intended to activate Preset 2 at the PBC6. If everything is forwarded blindly to all three devices then the PBC10 and the Quad Cortex also will jump to Preset 2 and that is not what is intended, right? So this would mean that what I intended to have - more spontaneous creative flexibility - gets lost because I would have to set up in every Gig Performer Song a different MIDI Thru/Forward Settings according to what MIDI Messages the Foot Controller should be used for in a certain song. In other words:
Song A: Foot Controller shall send MIDI Messages thru the computer only to PBC10. So Song A needs specific MIDI IN and OUT Blocks for that.
Song B: Song A: Foot Controller shall send MIDI Messages thru the computer only to PBC10 and Quad Cortex. So Song B needs specific MIDI IN and OUT Blocks for that.
And so on… I was hoping that there would be simpler solutions, but as I said before the problem is that in Devices like the RJM Mastermind Switchers or the Morningstar MIDI Controller you can not specify more than one Computer USB MIDI Port at the same time. Do you still think this is pretty simple or am I missing something? :wink: Update: I have ignored a very simple thing. I can configure the MC6 Pro to send the MIDI Messages for each unit on a different MIDI Channel. I think this could be the solution. Sometimes you don’t see the forest for all trees. :sweat_smile:

From what I can tell, what you’re describing is a standard midi routing solution, which external devices can usually handle without a computer involved e.g. using MIDI In and Out/Thru ports.

The question of controlling which device acts on the message can be solved through the use of Midi channels eg. external devices should generally allow you to set which channel they listen/react on.

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it depends.

Both work, all how you want to work.

I put them in each rackspace this way but I don’t use loads of rackspaces.

My XK-5 organ has multi-key contacts so I send 3 midi channels per manual into GP and back out to the XK-5 to control if it am playing the organ or using it as a VST controller or both.

So dual manuals (split mode) plus an external zone of midi… total of 8 channels of midi IO routing through GP… all over USB. Zero issues… endlessly configurable.

How you want it to work and how you use it in GP is up to you.

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