Correcting rackspace icon

I inadvertently tried to load a rackspace by clicking on the rackspace itself instead of loading up Gig Performer and importing the rackspace. During the process, all of my rackspaces now carry the GP filetype icon. Not sure how to restore the correct file type icon to all my rackspaces. I need help to do this please. Anyone?

This depend on you OS version. We will need to know this to help you…

You can try this BUT… with no guarantee of the final result:
Firstly, create a restoration point! That will help to go back in case of problem.
Save all your opened files and close all applications.
Click on the Windows button and type cmd.exe, then run as administrator.
In the DOS window, type or copy/paste:

taskkill /IM explorer.exe /F
CD /d %userprofile%\AppData\Local
DEL IconCache.db /a
shutdown /r

and click Enter. Your PC will shut down.
This will initialize all icons to their default states.

Restart and check if it solved the issue and have a look at others icons because, as said before, it returns ALL icons to their default states.

If a problem occurs, restore your PC to the last point.

I do not have this kind of problem because I do not look at icons to identify a file type, I look only at the file extension.

I really wouldn’t advices this to @bigalminal, it will end up with a “rebuild” his computer :grimacing:
I suppose it is only a matter of associating a file extension with an application…

That’s what i guess too. Very easy to establish, nearly impossible to get rid off.
I just did a test with a (by purpose) wrongly made file-association. I actually had to dig into the registry to delete it! :open_mouth:
There are some tools that pretend to do the job, but i couldn’t find a programm that was working.
So @bigalminal i would recommend, you just get used to the “wrong icon”… it could be worse.
And i really won’t recommend you to try to edit the registry!

In the end I applied system restore back about two weeks and the icons were restored correctly.

Windows restore point is a great invention, I got into the habit of creating new one and deleting olders very often.

Great you avoided to “rebuild”! :wink:

I agree. Its a pity its not on by default. Many times after a new build I’ve forgotten to turn it on and have no restore points at all when I’ve needed them.

Oh yes, very pleased.


I found the solution in this video. Basically you associate the file type with something that will not work and then you delete the non-working file and the association gets removed.

Follow the procedure in the below video. I just tested it and it works.