Copy & Paste of SysEx data

Hello GP’s

I am controlling my BOSS SY1000 with Gig Performer Script. I want to control the value or status of the internal components via SysEx messages.

I hope you can give me a hint to solve the following problem:

I need to “sniff” the SysEx byte strings for the various functions to control them with Gig Performer. I found a program called MidiView from This program monitors all USB midi messages on my Windows computer that are sent to the SY1000 from the official control app “BOSS Tone Studio for SY1000”.

Unfortunately this application does not support copy & paste of the Hex values. Also the internal MIDI monitor does not support that.

Does anyone know a solution how I can get these HEX values copied without the error prone manual typing?
Best would be a small GP script, which print these SysEx strings to the GP Script Logger.

Thanks in advance

Maybe this tool helps

Yes, PocketMIDI or MIDI-OX.

Many thanks for the recommendation.

With PocketMIDI I could copy the HEX data. I can now control my parameters with Gig Performer Rackspace Controls using GP Script.
Next I would like to implement the other direction. Changes on the device should also synchronize the rackspace widget.

Receiveving the SysEx message F0 41 01 00 00 69 12 10 00 15 00 01 5A F7 should activate the switch on the rackspace and the SysEx message F0 41 01 00 00 69 12 10 00 15 00 00 5B F7 should deactivate it.

Unfortunately I can’t find any way to receive SysEx messages in GP Script?
Is a callback of incoming SysEx messages not implemented in GP Script?

Sysex receiving is not available.
But with an external program like Max/Msp you could send Sysex to that and then parse sysex and send out CC messages to GP.

An external program just to receive SysEx data?

It should not be a big deal to pass the raw SysEx data as variable in GP Script just like the other MIDI commands. The SysEx data does not need to be interpreted.

Do the Gig Performer developers read here in the userforum?
Can’t this be integrated in an update?

Yes and there is a feature request categorie in this forum for suggestions. For sure the devs will put your suggestion on their list if they can. :wink:

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Uhm… every MIDI message except for sysex messages can be represented by a single 32-bit integer, which is trivial to pass around and process really fast. A sysex message, on the other hand, much like a string, can have an unlimited size and so requires memory management, efficient copying and so forth and in fact it is absolutely not just like other MIDI commands.

Yes - we do - we’re here all the time

Improvements for handling sysex messages are indeed on our list for a future update.