Copy and paste widgets from Global to Local rackspace issue

I am having an issue copying widgets from the Global rackspace to a Local racksapce and have it automatically wired up to operate the Global widgets from the local copy.

I am running GP4 Unlocked purchased via Plugin Alliance on Windows 10 64-bit and have v4.1.5.

I have recorded a video (linked below) to show the issue and, to be clear, I am pressing “SHIFT” when pasting the copied widgets into the local rackspace. Can anyone see what I’m doing wrong or missing?

Video of the issue

@DaveBoulden ,

Is the exact same plugin (vendor, product and protocal such as VST3 or AU) present in the local rackspace you are pasting the widget into?


That’s not relevant – he’s talking about creating local widgets mapped to global widgets, not to plugins.

Do those global widgets have global parameter assignments defined?

Mine appear the same as in your screenshot showing the Global Parameter Assignment as “Unassigned”

Well, assign something :slight_smile:

Aaah, I thought that was all set up automatically when the control was copied to the local rackspace (i.e. it was assigned the next available unused param slot). I somehow managed to overlook that step. Thank you.

The copy to local rackspace is now working for me. Thank you.

I have an extra question. If I copy, let’s say, a Reverb Level knob from the Global rackspace to a local rackspace and change it’s value in that local rackspace, when I change to a different rackspace that doesn’t have a copy of that widget, can the global parameter be made to revert to it’s default value or do I have to add the copied Reverb Level widget to every individual rackspace and set it to the default value in all of them?

Not implicitly — that’s the whole point of being global - if you change it, it stays changed!

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OK, understood. I’ll just need to paste them into all my rackspaces.

In my situation it would be nice if there was an option for the global widgets to reset to the default global value upon rackspace changes unless a copy with a new value exists on the new local rackspace as then I would only need to add the global widget copies to rackspsaces that need to have a value different from the global one, but I do understand that is at odds with your intentions for how the global rackspace should work.