Copy-able effect pedals

Just watched the Allistair Beggs video.
His insane pedalboard of all effects was fun to check out. I assume one can copy and paste single or multiple pedals from the rackspaces into new rackspaces to make up different sounds without having to go through everything, but i cant really understand how. I mean these widgets that in the end look like guitar pedals, the are several layers on top of each other, right? Also in many of his effects, he uses several vst’s to emulate one particular pedal. So if i wanted to copy one of these over to a different rackspace, what would be the way to make sure the whole pedal with all layers of widgets would transfer and look the same, as well as all the correct underlying vst and mixer things for the particular pedal?

Is it possible to copy these into entirely new gig-files,or just within a gigfile to new rackspaces?

Finally, can they be copied with assigned midi functions included so i dont have to relearn the midi controller knobs?

Where should i start to get off the ground on this?

Thanks for an inspiring video!

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:
I will be uploading the latest version of the board quite soon with lots of comment blocks to explain the widget allocations.
I’ll also make it a bit easier to see the beginning and end of the wiring matrix for the complicated ones. Of course if you use different plug-ins you’ll need to adapt a bit
There’s enough space around the pedal on the rack panel to select the whole thing in one go and copy and paste into your own panel. Just make sure it’s the same size panel or it will stretch vertically.

Screenshot 2022-07-31 at 8.33.39 am

You could even copy the whole rackspace and just delete what you don’t need. That would keep the widget mappings.

I used hidden widgets and coloured text so you’ll need to be using GP4.5

Was there something in particular you were interested in?

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Thanks a lot for your reply!

No, i was mainly after if you have a workflow that lets you copy a single (or multiple,) pedal easliy around including all internal wiring between whatever underlying vst or mixer blocks that go into the pedal in question. I see you use some eq to fine tweak a certain sound, sometimes a mixer with a paralell reverb/delay to get a sound frim one “pedal”. I guess yiu have ti copy/paste from both the rackspace and the wiring page and then manually set up the wirgets tartgets? Would be nice to be able to just drag and drop single pedals around from project to project. Probably not practical?

If you import the rackspace it comes fully loaded with vsts and assigned widgets (if you have the same vsts). you can then delete bits of the wiring chain you don’t need and pedal graphics that are not required.
If you copy a pedal to another panel don’t delete the original yet. You’ll need it for a reference to assign the widgets in the copy!

Assigning the widgets doesn’t take long really, and you only need to assign the ones you need to tweak. In my gigging racks they are often not assigned at all.