Converting Rack U's resizes widgets


Is there a way to convert rack sizes without affecting the widgets? They get stretched vertically when I convert to a larger rack and compressed when I convert to a smaller.
A “lock” feature would be nice.


Not really because our user interface is fluid and allows you to resize things.

There are several options to resize and position multiple widgets quickly. If you haven’t tried that - select a few widgets of the same type and you will get access to sizing and alignment options.


When this happens you can easily restore the size for example all knobs.
Just include a new knob (this has now the original size).
Select this new knob first (important!) and then all the other knobs (which are of differenz size).
Then you can check the option “Make same size” and then you can remove the added knob.


Thanks for the advice @djogon and @pianopaul. I am aware of the resizing and alignment options, it’s just a bit cumbersome to resize and realign an already crammed rack when I realise I need more space.

Suggestion: Maybe the widgets could be grouped in a layer, or several, on top (and independant) of the background (rack), sort of Photoshop/InDesign style, if you know what I mean. Or a “lock” for size and position per widget.
Another cool thing would be to have Alt+click&drag to make a quick copy of a widget.


Thanks for the suggestions… copy/paste does work, but I understand that alt+click+drag may be more convenient.

We will put in a feature request not to resize widgets if you are in fact converting to a larger panel. If you are shrinking the panel - we have to, but if you are making a larger one - you most likely want to fit more things into it so we will keep widgets the same size.

Can’t promise when will we have it, but we’ll put it in as feature request.