Convert pitch bend info to trigger rotary via vst plugin

I’m triggering rotary organ fast and slow via a foot switch. My Guitar Hero controller whammy bar outputs midi pitch bend information. Is there a vst plugin that can use pitch bend information to trigger a widget that will speed up or slow down the rotary organ effect?

Most any control widget would work. Connect it to your rotary plugin and set it for the fast/slow parameter. Hit learn on the widget and move your whammy bar. The widget should be able to find it. You might want to customize the value curve to operate comfortably.

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In addition to what @JonFair adviced, if your whammy bar comes back to a ZERO position when you don’t act on it, you will probably also have to set the momentary to latching option of the widget you use.

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Works a treat. I had to mess around with the curve and found that the bottom shape allowed slow, stop and fast, exactly the options that VB3 has. Thanks for the help.