Controlling the RJM GT Mastermind from Gig Performer

Just added a new blog article about how I control my pedalboard from Gig Performer


It looks like a great controller and perfect to be fully exploited with GP, and I do not often see a controller with 4 expression pedal connectors plus 4 footswitch connectors!
But you have to do a lot of concerts to amortize the cost :wink:

We all do not need the money :wink:

My great-grandfather always said: we are not rich enough to afford low-cost equipments. :wink:


@dhj on your suggestion recently I bought a gt16.
You wrote in the blog: …“Gig Performer does the rest of the processing as required for particular songs”…
I setup it up, as you described. I got the Songnames and Parts showing on the gt16, but how do I change with the buttons on the gt16 (configured as IA cc) the the song parts? They songparts only “understands” absolute PC (program-changes).

I programmed my GT so that every button has its own CC number and pressing a button sends that CC number with a value of 127 and releasing the button sends that CC number with a value of 0

Then all interpretation can be done inside Gig Performer. But don’t forget to assign some of those CCs to the individual song parts in the Setlist view


excellent dhj, I got it work !


I have the Mastermind PBC10 and 6. There is one problem. If I use the Mastermind Editor which is identical for the 10 and the 6 I always have to unplug one unit. So to edit the 6 I have to unplug the 10 and vice versa. In the Mac Midi Audio Manager I have given different names to both devices because by default both appear under the same name, but still it is not possible to use the Editor for both units without this a little bit nerving unplugging one of the devices. So I wonder if there is an extension or a way to have complete access via Gig Performer to completely program both units because it is absolutely no problem to use Gig Performer to send Program Changes to both units at the same time. In Gig Performer the are recognized as two different devices - so thank god there are no complications.

@dhj David, could you not have used an Elgato Streamdeck and performed essentially the same services as the Mastermind? I ask this because I am on the fence about buying the RJM Mastermind 16. Since I am an avid GP4 user, any advice here would be appreciated.

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That’s a line of defense a multi-millionaire I happened to know, used when he bought a Ferrari :red_car:

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I do not see how I could control a Streamdeck with my feet!

@dhj Unless you have tiny toes. :joy:

Are you saying that, except for using your feet, the Streamdeck could accomplish what you are doing with your Mastermind?

Well, I think you can configure buttons to send MIDI events into GP which you could then associate with widgets or GP script.

But with my RJM, I’m dynamically changing labels so I have prompts and confirmations. And my sustain and expression pedals are plugged into it as well

Is the Strewamdeck omnidirectional? In other words, can GP send info to Streamdeck such that Streamdeck can react and change its labels accordingly?

Don’t honestly know…probably via an extension - you’d really need to ask the Streamdeck developers

Thank you.

I trust that you are enjoying your Mastermind 21 as it seems to be doing everything you need it to do. In that case, I will pursue buying a Mastermind 16 and use it with GP. :slight_smile:


I have a 16.

For what I do in live performance, it’s great but it’s not inexpensive so you should make sure it will really work for you. There is a blog article on our site that explains how I use it.

It doesn’t just receive messages from GP to set labels and separately from controlling widgets with it, it also handles page turning of my MobileSheets iPad app and also controls SongMaster for rehearsal purposes. Leaves my hands free to play rather than pushing buttons

@dhj Love It! Thanks a bunch. :slight_smile: