Controlling FX in global RS saved in snapshot/setlist view

My effects are setup in the global rackspace for manual control. However, for certain songs/song parts, I’d like to automate some FX. So, I put some widgets in regular RS to control those FX in the GRS. So far so good. However, since generally do NOT want those variations to control my FX (b/c generally I want manual control), I put the widgets to “ignore variations”. I thought that if I activate the widget in the reg RS and save it as a snapshot in setlist view, then it would turn on the FX when I go to that song part with the saved snapshot and turn off when I leave it. But it doesn’t. I can understand why it doesn’t turn it off, b/c when I go to another variation and the widget it set to ignore variations, it will not respond. However, why doesn’t it get activated when I go to the snapshot where the widget is clearly saved and showing as activated? The widget is turned on, but the FX doesn’t change…

Clearly this is not working. How can I automate the control of FX in the GRS in certain song parts? I know I could send midi messages from song parts, but even if I did that, I don’t want to put “turn off” messages in every other song part…

I feel like I’m missing something simple…

What do you want to automate?
Bypass/Unbypass effects?

Not bypass, but turn on/off.

You could Mute/Unmute the audio sent to the global rackspace using Gain Plugins

Those would be controlled by widgets placed in the regular rackspace right? So it would be the same issue as my existing widgets wouldn’t it?

But with scripting in the local rackspace you can do what is needed.

This is the rackspace script

   Reverb : PluginBlock
   Delay : PluginBlock

// Called when you switch variations
On Variation(oldVariation : integer, newVariation : integer)
 if newVariation == 0 then
    SetParameter(Reverb,4, 0.0)
    SetParameter(Delay,4, 1.0)
 elsif newVariation == 1 then
    SetParameter(Reverb,4, 1.0)
    SetParameter(Delay,4, 0.0)

Also, one thing I suspect people don’t realize is that if you have a “To Global Rackspace” block in a local rackspace, you don’t need to put widgets in the local rackspace to control the widgets in the global rackspace if you’re using GP Script.

The “To Global Rackspace” is technically a plugin block and its parameters are whatever widgets you have added to the global rackspace and specified as parameters…e.g.

What that means is you can

a) use the SetParameter function in GPScript to tweak that widget from a local rackspace and
b) define a ParameterValueChanged callback in your local rackspace which will then respond to changes in the global widget


Is that a new callback in a rackspace script?

Thank you for this. But… Will this act like a snapshot in a setlist? Meaning, i don’t always want that effect activated every time I use that variation. That’s why I wanted to use the snapshot feature for certain song parts.

Perhaps a script for song part is needed instead? Not as flexible and easy as snapshot. It might be easier to put a second instance of the effect and follow variations with those widgets instead of creating a script for every song part where I want to automate effects. Just thinking it loud…

That’s been there for years.

I know I didn’t meant to imply it’s not there. My point was instead of a variation script.

If the default state is “off”, and you want the snapshot to turn it on and then have it switched back off when you go to another song part - then why is “ignore variations” needed?

If you don’t use ignore variations, and have the widget set to off in all variations - then won’t you get your desired behaviour when using snapshots in setlist view?

Because I want manual control. If it is not set to ignore variations, then as I switch variations or rack spaces it will follow whatever the last saved state was.

For example, let’s say I’m using a wah pedal. I want to continue to use my wah pedal as I switch to another variation. But, if in that variation the wah is set to off then my wah will not work when I make the switch. I have to turn it on again.

I am lost, do you want automation or manual?

Manual, but for certain song parts the ability to automate.

Then use different rackspaces for different song parts.

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Along that same thought process, rather than duplicating entire rackspaces, I’m thinking duplicating the effects I want automated only and those widgets would follow variations.