Controlling a parameter with aftertouch


I am trying to figure how to use aftertouch to control effects such as vibrato or tremolo. I’m just testing now, using an Arturia Keystep for no better reason than it has aftertouch on it. I’ve got a basic rackspace setup with a Lounge Lizard EP going through a separate vibrator plugin (MVibrato).

I can see that when I engage aftertouch it sends a value to a MIDI parameter labelled as ‘Channel pressure’ in the GP MIDI monitor. However, I can’t figure out two things:

  1. How to figure out the CC number for ‘Channel pressure’. I’ve looked in the manual and tried other MIDI monitors without getting this information.

  2. Once I figure out what the proper CC number is for this, how do I send it to the GP knob I have mapped to the depth value for vibrato? If I try to map it to a keyboard control either in Edit Mode or via Rig Manager I only have the option to use Learn mode, which I can’t see how to use.

I feel like I’m missing something obvious but I baffled. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Ezra Herman

Right click to being up the plug in menu. Under Midi Processors there is an option called Midi Filter. Insert this before your plugin. Within the Midi Filter you can assign aftertouch to any other cc and you’ll see Aftertouch as the second item on the list. Click on the Aftertouch item and a menu will be shown. Choose Map To, and then assign it to whatever controller you want - e.g. CC 1 which is the mod wheel.

Yes that is an option, but when you want to control a widget you can do this:

Include a Widget
edit and go to Midi learn
Press a Key, you should see Note On, Press further and you see Aftertouch.
While you see aftertouch press the red learn button.
Now the widget reacts on Aftertouch.


Yeah, the “secret door” to assigning aftertouch to a widget is to unklick the “learn” Button while still pressing the aftertouch. If you release the key first, the learn function will only catch the last Signal, which would be a “note Off”.

I would like to set the speed of the Leslie of my Numa Organ 2 with aftertouch, but it has no aftertouch :disappointed_relieved:

I don’t know if Fatar sells some kind of after touch ribbon as spare parts :thinking: Otherwise I found something like that : to build my own aftertouch strip if it fits somewhere inside the Numa Organ 2. Well, this is not exactly the subject of this topic :roll_eyes:

Channel pressure, aka Aftertouch, is not a CC message so there is no CC number for it. You can convert aftertouch to a CC message using the Midi Filter plugin as others here have explained.

Thanks to all that replied. That’s all I needed. Great forum. -Ezra

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Thank you all for the inspiration! It put me on a path to find a new use for the Midi Guitar plugin I purchased recently (at the time to play bass using IK Modo Bass).
My guitar is going through an Echorec plugin (Audiority Echoes) and then S-Gear, and I’m using the pitchbend messages generated from from Midi Guitar to control parameters in the Echorec e.g swell and feedback. So a big bend on the guitar gives me some crazy delay feedback :smiley: