Has anyone used this with Gigperformer? I want a product of this type with sliders, knobs and buttons that can be easily mapped to my control aliases and Midi Assignments in GP and then just work as expected (like the controls on my Nektar LX88 keyboard did, but not my Numa Compact 2x). Or what other similar devices have you used for this purpose? Amazon reviews of these types of products don’t seem to include any GP experiences.

AKAI Professional MIDImix - USB MIDI Controller Mixer with Assignable Faders & Master Fader, 24 Knobs and 16 Buttons, 1 to 1 Mapping With Ableton Live

Or maybe the Studiologic SL Mixface or the Nektar Panorama P1? I’m leaning towards the layter, haunt just discovered it, since the Nektar controller keyboard I have worked perfectly in those respects.

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The Korg Keystage seems like it might have great potential as a GP controller keyboard. I don’t know though if it’s possible to take over and change the LED screens on it or if the MIDI 2.0 causes any issues. Apparently is a single channel controller too… but I like the rotary encoders and overall layout in theory.

I tend to recommend the Behringer X-Touch Mini, because it has more than enough buttons & knobs.
Also it works great in bidirectional MIDI-mode (means widgets and hardware are synch’ed).
It may only have one fader, but the knobs are endless encoders and have a LED-ring, which also works bidirectionally. So If you change a knob/fader widget, the LED ring will follow, and because the knob is endless, it will start to work right with the correct value position-
Any potentiometer based hardware will always force you to “catch” the current widget value.

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Thanks for chiming in guys. I’ve already got the Numa keyboard, it has a unique combination of features I was looking for that no other board seems to - 88 keys, semi-weighted (very important to me), aftertouch and the built-in audio interface, so anyway I’m set on that and am now just looking for the extra controller device as I mentioned, not considering yet another different keyboard. The lack of faders is a dealbreaker for me on the Behringer, so I am basically deciding between and looking for feedback on the Nektar vs. the SL mixface.

Unless you invest in something with motorized faders at much higher expense you may regret it. I prefer faders also, but in a live situation which GP is designed for having two way sync is almost a necessity IMHO. I’ll also recommend the x-touch mini for the best bang for the buck.


I use the sliders on my Nektar LX88 keyboard and I’m happy with them.

I use the Akai MPD226 drum pad controller that is from the same series as this unit. It has a bank of 4 slider/switch/knob combos and they can all be mapped to MIDI Control Aliases and widgets as easily as any other controller.

The images below show the mappings from my MPD226 in my current live gig file (they are only showing red because the MPD226 is not currently connected - it’s in the band’s van ready to travel to tonight’s gig right now!). The SongPartA/B/C/D aliases are mapped to the 4 switches, POT1/2/3/4 to the 4 rotary encoders and BtmZoneVol1/2/3/4 aliases map to the 4 faders.


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I have ordered one and will test it with GP. According to the MIDI implementation, it is possible to send text to the display using SysEx.

It’s possible to send SysEx from GP… I have no idea how the Korg will interface with GP regarding the LED displays, if it will at all. I know other’s here with more coding experience have built tools to do similar things with other hardware but have also run into limitations.

I used the SL Mixface and it was fine but the sliders were not very good. Now i am using the Faderfox UC4. It is compact and very professional.