Controller not able to correctly operate GP widgets

Hi Group. I have a new Roland A800 Pro controller. I’m connecting via USB to GP on WIndows 10. Yesterday on first attempt to map a simple slider widget, which I use to manage a “Gain/Balance” block, the control and values within “widget properties” are jumping all over the place! Jumping around like crazy… has anyone seen this before? It’s the first time I’m connecting to controller with USB rather than Midi so not sure if that could be related?

Here is a video of what I’m seeing: Untitled video - Create and share your videos with Clipchamp Widget slider AND several of the properties are erratic when moving the slider up/down.

If anyone has seen this before and can help or comment - it’s much appreciated.

There are multiple MIDI messages coming into GP at the same time as you have the ‘Learn’ button active. You can see that as you start to move the slider and the message appearing beside the Learn button keeps changing rapidly.

You are also manually defining the MIDI message via the ‘Edit’ button. So why then do you need to also ‘Learn’ the message? Once the correct MIDI message it set, disable the Learn button.

Thanks :+1: Ref “multiple midi messages being generated” : I am moving only 1 x single slider control when assigning the control. Any idea Why/How additional midi messages might get generated?

And Ref: “Edit and Learn button”. I do not know the controller number or value so I really need the “learn” function to set that for me. (I also thought that “learn” only works if in edit mode - but you are saying you can use the learn function without being in Edit?)

Thanks again.

I think the best thing would be to open the Global MIDI Monitor (Window menu) and have a look at what messages are being generated when you move the slider.


this! :point_up:
And in case there should be other than a single CC# message/value then you should configure your A-800 to use CC# on the faders, knobs and buttons (there should be an editor available on Roland’s homepage)! This will make your GP-life much easier!


Thanks! Use CC# on the faders. Got it :+1:

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and the knobs and the buttons!

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Thanks. I just go the A-800 pro used via ebay so I think I’m going to do a factory rests and then check some of the settings. I’ve been going through the manual and it does seem you can set the knobs and faders to behave in various different ways…including differences for each according to any Control Maps created and applied. I’ll keep at it :+1:

For what it’s worth, I use up to 3 of those A800s with my bands.

I have them all programmed for CC messages on MIDI. channel 1 and the Pads are all on MIDI channel 10

I use CC 41-49 for the sliders,
CC 51-59 for the knobs
CC 71-79 for the buttons

It doesn’t really matter what you use except you need to avoid using CC0 and CC32 (they’re used for bank select) and you should avoid using CC 64 as that’s your sustain pedal

I went the way of the A-800s after seeing a video overview from the Depeche Mode keyboard player. They were using 3 or 4 units throughout for a wide range of things. Picked one up for £120 but seems like I need to flush through all of the settings :slight_smile: I take it this is the page I need to check/set up all CC assignments?

Thanks for all of the help :+1: