Control iConnectAudio4+ hardware mixer via sysex

Hi - I’m looking for a way to control the levels of my iConnectivity audio interface from within Gig Performer. It’s too laggy to process the audio itself through GP, so I started looking for ways to remote control the mixer directly. From what I understand, the Auracle app uses sysex to control all sorts of things in the hardware. I’m really just looking to create some virtual sliders to control the 4 audio inputs (I’m using them as a mixer for my hardware synths). I found this reference document and it kinda makes sense, but I am assuming I will need to write a GPScript to translate the slider movements into sysex events. Has anyone done anything like this?

I took a quick look at that manual, and I’m vaguely familiar with their products but have never worked with one.

The good news is it looks like you could do what you’re looking to do with either GPscript or through the external API. I think SetMixerInputControlValue (Command ID =0x5D) is probably the one you want for controlling the input levels.

The bad news is there’s a lot of stuff in the messages you have to send, including a device ID, a serial number, and a checksum. Once you have all that info it’s not hard to just pack it all into a MIDI message, but getting all the protocol stuff coded correctly won’t be a trivial exercise.