Control CC of external effect pedal?

Hello guys,

I’m wondering if we can control our external effects pedal (I have 2 TC Electronics pedals > Hall of fame 2 and Flashback) in order to have them react to each variations of rackspaces.
If yes what’s the way to do it ? I’ve seen this video but I’m not sure that’s the way to do it ?
Thanks guys !

Add a Midi Output block for the interface that’s connected to your TC pedals.
Then add widgets and map them to the parameters in the midi output block for those CC messages that you want to send to your pedal.

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Thank you man ! I just have to connect my pedals via usb to my hub ?

I assume so (unless usb is only for updates). If you use usb, check whether the pedal appears in GP’s Midi Ports in the Preferences. Otherwise you’ll probably have to use the Midi In port on the pedal (connected to a midi out on your interface).

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Thank you very much for your answer.
Yes, so it seems you either need a midi pedal or a usb one.
Apparenlty the Source Audio Pedals have that :slight_smile: