Control a guitar or keyboard effects with a mobile phone

This trhead is based on @npudar blog’s article:

As a guitarist using Gig Performer with MIDI foot controllers, I sometimes needed one more foot to control several effects simultaneously :wink:.

Having read this article, I decided to try out this OSC configuration and I chose Frederik Bertling’s OSCAR OSC controller for its simplicity and ease of use.

For reasons of size and weight (sometimes using public transport) I have chosen to use using a 3" smartphone, a 3" TP-Link wifi router and my 29.5" guitar.

All this works perfectly, and all I have to do now is practice playing while manipulating the pads and faders. Far from perfect as you can see in the following quick improvisations but it’s starting to give promising results.

In the first video: testing the rotary effect on a midi instrument.
In the second video: testing the attack and growl of a midi instrument and the guitar/instrument balance.

Sorry for the poor quality of the image, which doesn’t help you get a closer look at the phone’s screen.


Cool! :nerd_face:

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the videos are impressive :+1:
Especially the one with the Saxophone sound, bravo :clap: !

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Bravo!! This should inspire many!

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