Continuum Circle Space 01

Had some time free and at last recorded something showing GigPerformer in charge of everything :wink:

Racks are Categories of Continuum Presets
Variations actual presets
Oldie 3GS with Lemur and Osculator

Very cool — can you say any more about what’s actually going on? I’d love to post this on the Gig Performer facebook page if you’re game.

Hi David,

Well what can I add… There is text left side on the video following what I’m playing and changing.
Any question in particular?

Fell free to share;


Well, for example, what’s the relationship between Ableton Live and Gig Performer? What is physically connected to what? I.e, what data is being sent from where to where?

Oh, ok so AB LIVE only sends MIDI clock so LinnStrument Sequencer and GP are in sync (future things)
GP is dealing with routing MIDI (around MPE) from LinnStrument to the Continuum (photo below)

Linnstrument to Continuum

Iphone 3GS+Lemur sending OSC (Osculator doing some tricks also)

Haken Continuum Audio is sent directly to AB LIVE.
There aren’t too many 64bit Loopers; I only briefly played with SooperLooper but its usable !