Connecting plugins (parameters) between rackspaces

Hello everyone,

is there a way to connect plugins (midi out plugin in my case) between the rackspaces, in the way that if I want to change some parameter in one rackspace I would automatically change that parameter in each rackspace which is using that same plugin?
For Example: I’m using external device for let’s say piano sound, and in 30% of rackspaces I’m using MIDI out to that same device, same program change. And for some reason I want to change the Piano sound for all the rackspaces that are using the Piano (midi out to external device) plugin. I could change in one rackspace and all connected MIDI out plugins (or maybe some kind of favorite plug in, which exist but it doesn’t behave this way) change program change automatically.

If this is not possible, maybe you can kindly consider implementing in some of future updates, I think it will shorten time for editing common plugins big time.

Thanks in advance!

If you send a program change to an external device, that device will stay ‘program changed’ until the next program change anyway.

But you cannot change widgets or plugins in other rackspaces. There are only two rackspaces active at any given time: the current rackspace and the global rackspace. And yes, you can change widgets using the ‘to global rackspace’ and ‘from global rackspace’ blocks. But that is as far as it goes for now.

As I understand global Rackspace is for situations where I want things to be implemented in EVERY Rackspace in my gig project. But what if I need some of the plugins in let’s say 30-40% of them? I was thinking of creating a kind of “template” that would be copied to more rack spaces as needed and it would behave like ghost copies wherever I need the same plugin. That way if I change any parameter in one of these copies it would change in every Rackspace that has this kind of copied plugins.
Maybe I’m the only one who needs this kind of behavior but just spend a lot of time changing the string sound in all the Rackspaces where I’m using them (around 20), and got an idea that it would be perfect if I could do it just once. This goes for all the other program changes that I might be using more often. Template for piano, rhodes, synths, pads, and when I want to change sounds for these templates I just change one in categories, and voila.

So, not changing parameters on the fly, but in the Edit situations not while giging, to be more precise.

You can save one or more plugins to a favorite and, as far as I recall, also a group of widgets, but they will not keep related after inserting them into a rackspace. You would have to save a (new) favorite with the new settings and reinsert it in every rackspace.

What could work for you: save the new settings of a plugin to a gp-preset and use a script to apply the settings to the plugin in each rackspace that you want to change using a script to deploy the new preset. After that, disable the script: you do not need to reload the preset every time the rackspace is activated.
This would require some careful scripting and planning, but is doable (and you’ll feel fantastic after achieving this :grinning:).

I guess that you will have to include this script in each rackspace and devise a way to indicate that it should run. I think a global widget could do: when deploying, switch it on, but normally it’s switched off.

Just thinking out (very) loud

Exactly the reason why I kindly asked the responsible person to consider implementing this feature without scripting. :grin:
I was thinking out loud too, while changing the program send on 20 plugins. :wink:

An example. You need to save the audio mixer preset with the name “Demo Deploy” in the default location. Then in the global rackspace set the deploy switch to on. Then select each rackspace. You need to wait about a second for proceding to the next rackspace.

Deploying a preset.gig (127.5 KB)

…looking for a responsible person…

Must be me.
My wife makes me responsible for everything that goes wrong at home and elsewhere…


Hehe… C’mon it’s not wrong, it’s just an improvement. So probably again you… :rofl:

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@Frank1119 I’ll check this out when I have time. Not sure if this is what I meant. Thanks!

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I feel pretty confident this is NOT the case.

I think the initial intent for the Global Rackspace was to use effects you use a lot.

For my purposes, I think the Global Rackspace is great to put sample heavy instruments I use a lot. That way the samples do not get reloaded in your Gig File (saving ram).

The important thing to know is you can BYPASS the plugin in the Global Rackspace so it does not use CPU when you do not use it.

So, the Global Rackspace is certainly not reserved for plugins that are used in EVERY Rackspace.

Ok, let me be more specific.

So let say I’m using mostly 10 different sounds in 250 songs. Each of this 10 sounds I’m using in different 30% of the songs (1st sound in 60 songs, 2nd in different 60 songs, 3rd in 15 of songs that is used together with first and 25 songs with the second one, and so on and so on, you got an idea), That would mean that ALL of my sounds will sit in Global rack space, which we can agree that is not what we wish for. I don’t think that’s the way to go just because of convenience of changing the preset in all of the songs used by particular plugin.
On the other hand Global Rack could be used for something that is common for MOST of the rackspaces (certanly not for loading a bunch of sounds all it ones and then bypassing them in rackspaces), and on a smaller scale I could be making ghost copies of the same plugin used by more than 1 rackspace.

Frankly, I have thought about this. I have considered that maybe, from a ram perspective, it may well make sense to put every sample based instrument in the Global Rackspace. (At least if your using it more than once).

Aside from using up screen space in the Global Rackspace I’m not sure there is a real good reason not to do that.

So, I am interested in hearing why that is not a good idea.

I suppose one issue (you mentioned) is you can’t make individual tweaks without it applying to all rackspaces.

You probably wouldn’t use Kontakt ram purge.

But, if you are using exactly the same sounds/settings, maybe that is a better approach(?)

But I feel free confident, if you are using one sample-based sound in 60 songs, put it in the Global Rackspace.

To be honest, I didn’t try to use Global Rackspace like that. Let me try and get back to you. I’m not using (for now) any sample based plugin. For this setup right now just program change and manipulation with midi. So first problem that I see is that I’m not able to send Midi from normal Rackspace to Global one. That would mean that all the buttons and whistles will be in the global rack space, which is too much. And now is getting much more complicated than the original thought that I had.
But let me play with it for few days and I’ll say my werdict. :wink:

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I works like a charm ('though it took me a bit to get everything set correctly,…but that’s mostly me).

Well, I read half of it, and already can say that what I had in mind is much more elegant solution. As a workaround I’ll try, but it seems to me that changing program sends in 20 rackspaces is here to stay. :grin:

Thanks everyone for the effort!

Why? If you put your piano (say) in the global rackspace, then changing parameters there will work no matter what local rackspace is loaded. And putting a MIDI Out OSC block in each local rackspace is hardly a big deal

Well, for the start I don’t know how I will send the program change in one rack space to piano, and and in another to rhodes (they are sharing the same channel because the Kurzweil will use the fx only on one channel). That way my external device would have to have only one program change per channel, and always the same fx.
Again, didn’t try, I’m speaking by heart.
I’m sending also the sysex for my other keyboard in order to change modes on the device. So SysEx would have to be trigered somehow everytime I’m activating the rackspace, so it would have to be in rackspace (the SysEx), which comes again to more elegant solution for what I’m speaking about. For VST instruments in the GP probably the way with Global Rackspace might work.
Anyhow, I’ve lost a lot of time to sort out other things (this is some minor thing I came across, it would be nitpicking to say that something is missing in GP :wink: ), so now practicing… :smiley:
I will try OSC soon.