Computer setup with two SSD

Hello - I am about to configure a new mini PC that utilizes two SSD. I know it’s best to have samples on a secondary drive - NOT the operating system drive. My question is, what about Gig Performer and other VST instruments. Which should go on which drive?

I tend to the opinion that with SSD’s this whole thing doesn’t have real importance anymore - at least for speed reasons. In earlier days when the hard drive had “to wait” until the right piece of data came rotating by, it had some speed advantages when there where two of those rotating disks, but nowadays the SSD’s have direct memory access… they just can “fetch” data as they need, no waiting till a chunk of data “arrives”.

Maybe to keep down chaos and maybe also for safety reasons, it could be a good idea to keep data (samples, gig files, presets…) and installed programs separated.
Within the Gig Performer settings you can specify the directories where things are stored, so they could also be kept on the second drive - in case you had to re-install Gig Performer, this data would stay unaffected (i.e.).
But i would say that GP itself, since it is an application which has to be installed, should be installed on the system drive (at least i do it that way).
In my current Windows installation i also have my VSTs on the system drive, but maybe when some day a renewal is up, i will install them on the second drive.


Thanks for the helpful feedback. I know from current experience with editing video, even with SSDs, the rendering goes much faster when raw video files are on a separate drive from the system.

Based on this experience and your input I’ll be installling GP on the system drive and everything else on the secondary. “BeBop” (system) and “Rock Steady” (secondary).


thanks for these informations.
I wondered if I will apply the same strategy on my new setup. I’d like to have more feedback on this kind of drive strategy.
I have 2 choices in front of me:

-operating system and VST and sample installed on a brand new M.2 NVMe

-Operating system on the M.2 NVMe + VST & samples on a 3 years old 2.5" SSD

What would you choose?

Could one strategy be faster than another for booting on my GP rackspaces?

Thanks for any answers

In my experience, I would put the OS on the SSD and the samples on the M.2

Purely from a performance aspect - the M.2 should yield faster performance speeds than a SATA SSD, as it takes advantage of the PCI bus. But I doubt that speed would cause any discernable difference on your playing or running a show.

It’s a little easier to install the OS on a SSD if you don’t have the proper drivers (I’m talking Windows here). Other than that…it’s like saying “do I want a car with a top speed of 180 or 200?” when you never drive faster than 65!


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Thanks a lot for your answer.
I’m also quite happy with the actual test I’ve made with windows on the N.2 because it boots in 17 seconds ! Quite reassuring if I have again a restart to do during a gig…

Any other sharing of experience?

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