Command line option for second instance?

I launch a series of apps for my setup through .bat file, including GP—and I’m wondering, is there a command line option to launch an existing instance? At current, I can launch other apps and GP fine via command line, but then have to wait for GP to load and then launch my separate instance via the GP menu. So I’m hoping that there’s a command line option to remove that step.

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Try -in=WhateverYourSecondInstanceIsCalled

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Thanks, @simon.
That command does open up an additional instance of GP, but for some reason it didn’t select my multi-client ASIO, but Windows Audio instead. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m using ASIO Link Pro as a multi-client server, or some other reason. It also only opened a bare second instance of GP, not the gigfile that I had noted in the .bat file, so I would still have to go through the GP menu and open the gigfile. Odd behavior, to be sure.

Thanks for the suggestion. It’s a step in the right direction, but still on the lookout for a more complete command line option.

Regarding the audio device: Are you sure that you had your ASIO driver selected when you last loaded that instance? Each instance comes with its own set of preferences which are loaded when it starts. When I tried it the last time, they were being recalled correctly, including the last audio device :thinking:

I only use ASIO for all instances of GP, so there would be no reason for a switch to Windows Audio. When I load the 2nd instance manually, its loading the ASIO driver. When I switch to the command line option, it loads the 2nd instance with Windows Audio.

Like I said, it may be tied into the fact that I’m using a multi-client ASIO app to wrap around my Steinberg devices ASIO. Not the biggest deal to manually load the 2nd instance via the menu, was just hoping to skip that step if I could.