CME Widi - Adding to GP 4

Hi, I purchased 2 of thesethese , and tried setting it up yesterday. I have added it to my Boss GM-800, but have had no success. I updated the firmware , and it shows up in the Bluetooth column.
In Midi Studio (Audio Midi Setup), it shows up as an External Device, but I cannot connect it to the GM-800 in the midi studio window. I have a cheap Sinco midi wireless adapter, that I have had no luck with either.
The GM800 does receive patch shanges via USB fine.

I also tried connecting it to my Roland DS61 Synth, but didn’t want to break what isn’t broken.

Any advice welcome, otherwise I’ll return them.

I also have 2 of these and have been working flawlessly on Helix Floor and on a X32 mixer.

What device do you use to pair the WIDI with?

Once you attach the larger WIDI to your Midi OUTPUT device, does it flash on and off?

Have you checked the configuration article?

Also, try connecting only one WIDI at first, once you know it works, then configure them as a pair. They then would need to be set as: 1 Master and the other as Slave. This I have found not to be very intuitive at first but there is documentation on the CME website about how to do it.

Hi, it’s a Boss GM800. They said there was a known issue with Boss products, which would be fixed in the latest firmware. I have just downloaded this, and no luck. It is communicating, as when I press one of the footswitches, the command shows up in Global Midi Monitor.

The Patch changes that work via USB still show, when I change songs. The GM800 is not responding top patch chages via Midi Channel 1. Maybe I should try another channel, but I read somewhere this wasn’t reccomended on the GM800?

So, to change to Patch 17, I normally have PC as 0
MSB 0, and LSB 16

Update, just having PC as 17 worked!
Now to finish Configuring. Etc and see what happens

Good to know that you have sorted the issue out.

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