CLAP - a new plugin format

CLAP is an open source plug-in format that first appeared a few years ago.
It hasn’t been officially released, but guys from U-HE are pushing it in their installers.

The main reason for the standard is that it’s liberally licensed (i.e. no fees, lawsuits, etc.)
Another reason is (allegedly) its stability.

Another pros:

  • pure C ABI
  • it will also allow for host controlled multithreading.

Source: CLAP: Neues Open Source Plug-in-Format in Arbeit! -

Great (sigh) — on top of that we have to deal with

  • VST2
  • VST 3
  • AU
  • AUv3
  • RTAS
  • AAX
  • All the Linux stuff

MOTU has their own format (MAS) as well

Getting a bit silly. Given that VST is an open standard, it’s a pity they didn’t just extend VST standard to add whatever new stuff they wanted.

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I thought that RTAS were a legacy format, replaced by AAX.

It seems that Bitwig is also pushing CLAP.

Das sind alles Querdenker :wink:


Yes, bigwig and uhe developed clap together. RTAS is legacy but still used by many older protools users.

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