Cinesamples Piano in Blue library adds significant load time

I’ve noticed that if I add a Kontakt plugin with the Piano in Blue library loaded, it adds an additional load time of approx 1 min to my Gig file.

I was troubleshooting why my main Gig file was taking a long time to load and discovered that when I removed the Piano in Blue it loaded much quicker.

Has any other Piano in Blue owners noticed the same?


Do you use “update sample pool” in Kontakt?

I don’t know. I’m not familiar with that. If I’m not - should I be using it?


You should use that, you save tons of memory because only needed samples are loaded.

Take a look here:

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Thanks, I’m checking it out.

Thanks pianopaul. I understand the concept now and tested it out but at least for this library it doesn’t really make a difference. Load times are the same. I love the tip though and will use it.

Are you running any anti virus apps?

Other than the default Windows Defender no other virus apps.

I think it’s just a big library to load. 9+ GB I think.

Yes but kontakt shouldn’t be loading all of that into RAM. Do you have Direct To Disk streaming disabled?

I’ll have to look into this. I’m not familiar with it. What ever Kontakt defaults to is the settings I would have. But I’ll check into it.

I created an account here just to tell you yes… I have the same issue with Cinesample Piano in blue.

I haven’t found the solution yet. Even if I resave the nki file… it’s still a very long time before it’s ready to play. It’s not the samples themselves or even the size of the samples… I think it’s an issue with the nki file being read. I’ve loaded even bigger libraries with no issue.

I’ll come back to this thread if I figure it out

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