Churchfront - Jake Gosselin, Adam Beranek, and Luke Jackson

The Churchfront Show, hosted by Jake Gosselin, Adam Beranek, and Luke Jackson, continues to be a pivotal resource for those involved in worship and production in church settings. Their latest episode delves into a plethora of new technologies and solutions designed to enhance worship experiences. From cutting-edge encoders to innovative audio tools, the episode is a treasure trove of information for tech-savvy churches.

Gig Performer is mentioned at 25:35.

The show kicked off with a discussion about BoxCast’s new encoder, ‘The Spark’. This encoder is celebrated for its balance between high-end features and practicality, especially suited for church settings.

Gig Performer and new plugins from Waves were highlighted for solving feedback issues and improving audio mixes. The hosts discussed the practical applications of these tools in live church settings, emphasizing their ability to streamline audio production.

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Nice video! And, I caught my HaNonB70 gig on there :grinning:

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