Christian Louw Pedersen

Christian is a keyboardist from Denmark.

In the video below, he is playing the Keyscape Classic Rhodes piano while recording the audio in Gig Performer.

About the setup:

These settings are quite complicated, and too difficult to share. But I can tell you a little about the tools. With Keyscape inside Gig Performer I used Wavesfactory Spectre and Izotope Imager to shape my initial user patch sound even more, and added a tiny bit of an extra and different reverb with Fabfilter Pro-R.

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Nice…Thanks for posting!

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@npudar Thank you very much for this post Nemanja :smiley:


Nice job in using the following:
1.) Wavesfactory Spectre
2.) Izotope Imager to shape my initial user patch sound
3.) reverb with Fabfilter Pro-R.
When you get the “energy” please share and teach us all on how you used GP4 to create this clear/crisp/ & sit right in the mix sound, please… KB

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Thank you, and very good job! :beers:

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@npudar Thanks :blush:
Your post encouraged me to join this community.


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@PianistDallas Thank you very much.
Maybe I’ll find a way to share my settings for this sound, maybe …


Thanks :slight_smile:

This is Ken Boome Pianist/Composer in Dallas TX. I have participated in over 20K gigs as pianist etc… since 1983 in Dallas area. Recently realized the power of GP4 to HOST PianoTeq8, with my RME BFpro, SSD Laptop, Roland A88mk2 for gigs Controller. (YamahaN2 in Studio) Been working w/ Brett to gain quicker implementation of GP4 and am on a Quest/Journey for the ultimate piano “live” sound. So I just did a super deep dive into the Wavesfactory Spectre Plug-In, because I could “HEAR” what you did to that stock Keyscape RHODES sound… Very nice !!! So thanks for posting what you did, it was extremely helpful and looks like I am going to get Wavesfactory Spectre to add that final stage “secret mix sauce” for the PT8 American and German Steinways I am working with etc… Thank-You …KB


@PianistDallas Hi Ken. I hope that you will reach your goal. Wavesfactory Spectre provides a brilliant alternative way to equalize sound, and I find it very useful and inspiring.

Very cool! Nice playing and Keyscape sounds great in the video. I did not know Wavesfactory Spectre yet - seems it’s an interesting tool to take a look at.

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@jazzundso Thank you very much for listening and commenting. I’m glad you liked it.

@PianistDallas Hi Ken. I have tried hard to remember which variation I was using when recording this video, and which changes I made just before recording (and without saving these changes afterwards). Now I think that I’ve come pretty close, so I am happy to share my approximate settings with you.

Good luck with your own sound :slight_smile:


New stuff :slight_smile:

Funky sketch.
Made with Keyscape and Gig Performer.
Edited with Mixbus and DaVinci Resolve.

5 variations, 1 recording, improvised.
I have not edited out the accidental wrong notes and chords.

Played on Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2 made by Native Instruments.
The Grand sound was created in Omnisphere made by Spectrasonics.
The audio was recorded in Gig Performer made by Deskew Technologies.
The audio was mastered in Mixbus made by Harrison Consoles.
The video was recorded with a Sony A7 IV camera and a Sigma 85mm F1.4 DG DN Art lens.
Video rec. settings: XAVC S-I 4K 30p S-Cinetone.
Natural light was provided by the Sun. :sun_with_face:


@npudar Thank you (again) Nemanja.

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