Chordpro Question

I’ve just started looking at Chordpro in GP. I have a simple little chart attached to a song and indeed it shows it when I go to that song. However, the song chart window stays on top all the time even if there is no chart file associated with a song. Maybe I’m missing something, but how do I make it so that if a song has a chordpro file associated with it it will pop up when that song is selected, but if a song is selected that does not have one, the window will go away?

Look at the top right of the Lyrics window. There’s a button for keeping the window on top.

Also, you can assign a widget through the System Actions plugin to open/close the Lyrics window.

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Yes I know about the keep on top button. And I guess it’s good that I could have a widget to open and close it, but I’d rather it do just automatically based on whether the song has a file associated with it or not.

I suppose there could be a script written that would close the window if there was no Lyrics page. Then it would also have to reopen the Lyrics page for a song with lyrics.

Yep. That’s exactly what I would be looking for.

Ok - I’m not even seeing a way to set up a widget to open/close the Chord Pro Window? What am I missing?

With GP Script you can open this Chord Pro Window

And close it

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Yes…I mis-spoke about the System Actions plugin. Try this gigfile.
Lyrics Opener.gig (26.8 KB)

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Thanks much! It works perfectly for opening/closing the window. However, it doesn’t seem to always pull up the right chordpro file (or any at all I should say). Sometimes it does. sometimes not, and is a little iffy when changing songs also. If I open the Window in the regular menu, all works fine. I have not been able to find pattern/repeatable steps yet. Any ideas? Is there a further function to make it “load the right file” so to speak?