Choosing Rackspace with midi foot switch

Hi friends,

I am running one instance just for the Guitar. To enable my Guitarist to change/ select
the Rackspace (or Variation) he needs I bought a Midi Foot Switch (icon G-Board).
The switch is recognized from GP, but how do I have to assign the switches (1-8) to the
related Rackspace and/ or Variation?

With my Keyboard I just send a PC message…

Thanks in advance for your help!
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It depends on what you want to use those switches for. Are you happy to only have direct select for 8 variations/rackspaces, or do you want to use 2 switches for up/down and the rest for something else?

The manual seems to indicate you can use the software to customise what is sent by the switches. So you could set it up to send PC messages for each switch, if you wanted to direct select 8 variations/rackspaces.

Just up/ down would be easy, I want to assign the switches to individual Rackspaces or Variation.

Or you assign fixed controller numbers for song parts

How I do this?

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With Song parts it works; thanks.

Yes, that is the idea for that mappings.