Cherry Audio Eight Voice Rackspace

Template for Cherry Audio’s Eight Voice. Would also be a pretty good start for controlling GForce OB-E. Enjoy! (Reuploaded due to incorrect screen shot)

Eight Voice.rackspace (9.0 MB)


Wow! Very nice job indeed! I am loving this soft synth. Very rich sound. In fact, I have been enjoying all of the stuff that Cherry Audio has been putting out. We are truly in the Golden Years of vsti’s.

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Thank you! And I agree completely. I play in a reggae band and it’'s been invaluable for mimicking some of Tyrone Downie’s Oberheim tones on early Bob Marley records.


This is a good candidate for our Gig and Rackspace files category :slight_smile:

Can you upload a small gig file with the following changes:

  • use VST or VST3 instead of AU (so the gig file is cross-platform)
  • to use MIDI In (OMNI) block (so results are immediately available)
  • you route your audio signal to the Global rackspace which is empty (i.e. with no connections). That’s why I suggest you to upload the small example gig file (which will also include the Global rackspace routing).
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