Changing the Audio device type crashes GP every time

I decided to install GP on my Windows 10 desktop today. Installation went fine.
I am reviewing the options and making a few changes and all that went find.
However, under the Audio I/O I see the following.
Audio Device = Audio device type: Windows Audio
Audio In = Input Device: Line (Steinberg UR24C)
Active Input channels: channels 1 and 2
Audio Out = Output Device: Line (Steinberg UR24C)
Active output channels: channels 1 and 2
Audio Properties = Sample rate: 44100 Hz and Audio buffer size: 441 samples (10.0 ms)

When I try to change the Audio device type of Windows Audio to ASIO, it crashes GP every time and it will not restart so I have to restart my desktop every time.
It also seems strange that the Audio buffer size is 441
I have sent several crash reports

Has anyone experiences something like this?
How do I change the audio device type to ASIO?


Are you doing this with an empty gig file or do you have plugins in a rackspace?

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This was with an empty rackspace.
I also cannot get my MPK249 to send MIDI, I have a MIDI In (OMNI) and connected it to KeysOfThe70s and connected the MIDI and audio. I can click on the MIDI In keyboard but my MPK249 is not reaching GP.

Do I need to create and save a rackspace and gig?

I use Steinberg devices on Windows, so that shouldn’t be a problem.
I would change the buffer size to 256 to start, in the Steinberg control panel before opening GP.
Then open GP and change your Audio Device Type to ASIO and see if it crashes or not. If it does, I would reinstall the UR24C driver and try it all again.

Ok, after saving a gig, I was able to change to ASIO but received an: Error trying to apply settings! ASIO Driver open Failure!
Clicking on Device a second time then loaded up the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO
Making progress
And I was able to change the buffer to 256 previously, so I’ll continue to work through this.

Thank you for the quick responses. I must have done things differently when I installed GP on my laptop as I did not have any trouble there. User navigation error I guess.

All is working now. Thanks again!