Changing rackspace in a hurry for dummies

I know that there are oodles of videos on this. But so far I’m a little overwhelmed with all the technicalities I’m seeing.

I’d really like to be pointed to the simplest way to change rackspaces using pads. I realize that this gets deep and that there are so many options. I’ll happily work into the intricate details in the future, but for now I’m hoping for the real basics.

What do you mean by pad?
By the way, did you read the user manual?

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Assuming you mean changing rackspaces using “buttons” on your controller, for me setlist mode is the most intuitive.

Create a song in set list mode. Link different song parts to the rack spaces and variations you need.

See this link to go forward and back with song parts (and therefore rackspaces and variations, if you want) by pressing buttons on your contoller:

That’s one way to do it…