Changing Mod Wheel to something else?

I am using a particular patch in Omnisphere called ‘Going Ga Ga Lead’…and it has an option where when I press forward my Roland XP80 Mod wheel…the sound changes to a higher pitch sound…or some sort of modulation…great effect…

The trouble is the XP 80 ‘mod wheel’ is a spring type wheel…where you have to hold that forward…otherwise it reverts back to the original sound…and as I lack 3 hands…this makes it tricky! :wink:

I’m thinking I could remap this functionality to something else…like a controller wheel or even a footswitch…

Would this be better done in Omnisphere itself?

Or would I do this somehow in Gig Performer itself?

Or do I need to buy a new keyboard? (Hopefully not!)

Thanks for any clues.

Hello Mavoz,

I suggest that you use an expression pedal : it is easy to map in GP and it frees your hands!

There exist many models, usb or standard+usb interface, or bluetooth.

Many ways to achieve what you’re asking:

  • Starting with your XP-80, you can address one of those two sliders to CC1? (Same as Mod wheel)

Put any widget and assign it to the pitchbend parameter of the MIDI in block plugin you use with Omnisphere:

Then assign any MIDI controller to the widget. That’s it.

I don’t own Omnisphere, but it is probably better to use host automation and assign directly the GP widget to the Omnisphere parameter which reacts to the pitchbend (I don’t know what it is).

Or, if you should have some mechanical skills, you could open your keyboard and just remove the spring.

thanks for this suggestion!..discovered I can indeed change the values of my xp80 C1 and C2 slliders…can effectively use them as mod wheels now! Thank you…just have to figure out how to put a battery in the old Xp80…as it doesn’t save the settings anymore! But love this…thanks!

Thaks for this suggestion too…I gave this a go…and I could get an expression pedal to change it…but it was like an ‘on switch’…but wouldn’t then turn off again when I let go…

Is there some way to tell it to revert to ‘off’ when you either tap the expression pedal…or let go?

The other thing I can try is see if I can reprogram Omnisphere itself to respond to the CC input ofa pedal…

Will see if I can figure that out.

Thank you!

Surprising, could you please open the GP MIDI monitor and show us which kind of message isn’t sent when you move the expression pedal. Do you perhaps use an audiofront MIDI converter with a non MIDI expression pedal ?

Regarding Ominsphere the idea is not to modify the MIDI control, but to use host automation (plugin expose their parameter that you can directly assign to a GP widget, that’s the right direction to follow).

Ohhh Google is your friend :wink:
Although this is for a XP-30, must be similar; easy 2032 batterie…

I still have my XP-50, love it …

Thanks Keyman…I found an Xp50 one too…so will certainly give that a try…

I’m actually loving how I can use my good old Roland Xp80…and still make a tonne of use of all the various sliders…probably using them better than I ever did when I used them just as the xp80 synth by itself!

I agree …such a great synth…and now with Gig Performer…it still has lots of life!

I found in Omnisphere there is a ‘modulation’ mapping type feature.too…where theoretically I could use a footpedal…with any of the 4 foot controller ports on the back of the xp80…the trouble is this ‘wheel’ type modulation effect in the Omnisphere multi patch…just doesn’t seem to work nicely with my foot pedals…kind of goes on or off…but is inconsistent…and usually just stays in ‘on’ mode…

Maybe I need some sort of ‘modulation wheel foot pedal!’

Anyway…at least I can now use the C1 slider! Thanks! Will look to get thata battery changed.

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