Change rackspaces

I want to change rackspaces from my master keyboard with the buttons, is there a way to do this, I know that you can do next and previous rackspace, but I want to jump to different rackspaces, gteetings , karel

You can select rackspace by program change messages

Have you looked at the documentation?

of course, I have 5 rack spaces, but, I can’t find a way to jump from one rack space

to any another with my master keyboard.

Well, what master keyboard are you using…we can’t just guess! What buttons and messages can it send out?

How do you want to “jump” to any other rackspace ? Do you have as many free buttons on your controller as Rackspaces you want to “jump” to? Do you wnat to use buttons to go up and down in the Rackspaces list ?

I have a novation launchkey 88 mk3 master keyboard.

it works well in gig performer with global midi and previous and next rackspace.

I don’t know how to set all the rackspaces under different buttons of my master keyboard,

regards, karel

Are the buttons programmable? How many are there? What messages to they send? Can you change them so they send out program change messages? That would be the first approach to try.

Another easy option you have is to create a song and put the rackspaces you want to select directly into song parts of that song.

You can then learn any MIDI message you like to switch to specific song parts. That would immediately give you direct access to 25 rackspaces



wonderful, that’s exactly how I wanted to use it !! thanks a lot ! with much regards. karel