Change pot display range?

Is there a way to change the coarse display on pots?
I would need to dislpay a Spread Parameter like thie one :
Capture d’écran 2022-12-03 à 12.46.44
Capture d’écran 2022-12-03 à 12.46.36
Capture d’écran 2022-12-03 à 12.46.27

Also I would like to inverse the display coarse for a LPF filter (the range should go from the right to the left).
any idea?
Thanks! :heartpulse:

Are you talking about being able to adjust the actual range (min to max) of a widget attached to some parameter?

I just want to change the range display, not the midi value of the pot.

Widgets do not have MIDI values - they generate floating point values between 0,0 and 100,0 (under the covers 0.0 to 1.0) that are then mapped to parameters.

What does it mean to change the display range if it doesn’t actually have any impact on the value that is sent out?

I just want to change the Displayed range on the pot widget.

I understand what you want to do – I’m trying to understand why you’re trying to do it?

For example I sends only out from for example 0.4 to 0.5?

I want to display the stereo spread on a parameter (like pictures on my first post) .
to have a nice interface that display what I’m doing when I change my stereo spread.

same for LPF filter to show the frequency range that is actually passing thru the filter.

Did you try to set the min and max value of the widget curve?

I see - probably the only way to get close to this is to group two widgets together (see image) and set the scaling curve on one to your desired range (shown as the darker curve) and have the other one actually send out real values and then hide the “real” one when not in edit mode.

But the only way you would be able to adjust that spread would be by manually changing the scaling curve. I don’t think it will really give you what you want.

2022-12-03 07-23-19.2022-12-03 07_23_42

Thank you for your answer.
here is what I would like to to see:

Ah I see, the higher the sent values the wider the green part?
So only a cosmetical thing?
Why do you need that?

Yes! It’s only a cosmetical thing.
I need it because I have many pots on my screen so It’s better if the visual thing follow the action of each of them…

Ok there are so many actions a plugin parameter can set.
For example a 3D virtual Position when you use binaural effects and so on.
When you need a visual control about that just open the plugin.

it’s a complicated action while playing live.
GP is a fantastic soft because I can choose parameters I want to access on my controller playing Live.
here is an exemple of a rack panel I use Live :

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Do you change all of this parameters while playing live?

Yes :slightly_smiling_face:

and many more, because I work on improvised electronic music…

Understand, for that kind of visualization maybe TouchOSC can help

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yep! :+1: