Change Midi Guitar Tuning

i have the fender mustang midi guitar. It has only and by default, standard tuning. How can I use gigperformer to change or program to different tuning like open D. In addition to scripting what options do I have?


Welcome @raymondfortis2000!
Are you talking about the RockBand controller?

If so, does it identify the strings (equivalent) separately? e.g. separate midi channels? Otherwise I’m not sure how GP will identify which played note came from which ‘string’ that has the alternate tuning.

Yes is the rock band controller. each string has a separate midi channel. But, on the midi in block, I used the midi mappings function to send the stings to the same channels.

I don’t do a lot with midi, but I think you could have multiple midi in blocks for the controller: with a separate one for the channels you need to down tune.

e.g. one midi in block for the unaltered strings (where’d you block the channels used for the down tuned strings). Then a second midi in block where you filter out all channels except for your down tuned ones, and then use the transpose setting.

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rank13 thank you so much for your help. I’ll try and let you know.

Otherwise, if you’re needing a lot of tunings, this could be a good use-case for a custom ‘scriptlet’. With a basic script, you could have 6 parameters to control the transpose for each channel/string.

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I use one string per channel 1- 6 then use Kontact or sampletank plugin with 6 modules. I can transpose within the module that corresponds to the channel and string needing to be transposed.

The idea of transposing within the midi in block is good because you could easily map the transposing to a control and adjust the pitch of each string individually with 6 midi in blocks. Then those 6 transpose controls could change with “variations” of a rackspace.

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Thanks thunderfingers. It helps me a lot

thanks rank13. Very informative