Change leds active switches between rack spaces on fcb1010 uno

Hi guys, i am kinda new at this plugin stuff. And I am using a fcb1010 with a uno chip as a midi controller, amplitube 4 and neural dsp plini.
I created 2 rack spaces. One for amplitube, and one for neural. On each panel i have some switches to switch on or off some effects. Within each rackspace a can see witch effects are on or off using the leds on the controller. But when i switch between racks, the leds do not get updated with the current state in the selected rack. Any ideas how i could set this up?

I don’t think you can. As far as I know the fcb1010 can’t update its LEDs based on received midi messages. Not even with the UNO chip.

I think @rank13 is correct. I never look at the lights on my FB1010. I just press the switches and see the results on the computer screen.

Ok thx guys. Can be a bit confusing but i can work with it. Are there any midi controllers capable of this ?

This is top end, but by far the most versatile

From what I’ve read, the ‘junior’ version Mastermind LT also supports this with its LEDs.

I’ve recently got a Nektar Pacer which also has this ability, but it’s a bit odd in its implementation (I will test it more this weekend).

@dhj I recall you have a Mastermind GT? Is it possible to send the rackspace/variation or song/song part names via SysEx to update the Mastermind screen? It seems to be possible for the Axe-FX, but perhaps that is special firmware support.

I’m using one of these (the 16 button version) with two of my bands, it’s really very nice. You can send sysex messages to it to change the text of the LEDs on the fly.


I think I need to see this in action! :wink: