Chameleon Showing Temporarily

I have a Gig file setup with several rackspaces that use various amp simulators and other guitar-oriented effects. I never had any issues with this Gig file until yesterday, when all of a sudden, I started having the Chameleon plugin show up temporarily while loading some of the rackspaces. It reports that a certain plugin, e.g. Amplitube 5, is not on my system. However, it then goes away and Amplitube 5 does load. Amplitube 5 is the main culprit, but it has also happened with Nembrini Bst100. Chameleon does not appear every time. For example, I can switch between two rackspaces that both contain Amplitube 5 and Chameleon will show up maybe 75% of the time when I switch to the first one, and 50% of the time switching to the second one.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much except that GP is also crashing occasionally now after switching to a new rackspace. It will sometimes crash while the rackspace is loading, but sometimes it doesn’t crash until a few seconds after the rackspace appears to be fully loaded.

I am using GP 4.1.5 and have predictive loading set to 5.


What happens when you reinstall the plugins which sometimes appear as chameleon?
Do you have any invalidated plugins showing up in the Plugin Manager Window?

Do you have a crash report?

Then something changed since yesterday! Did you update anything, OS, plugins, etc

Thanks for the quick replies, guys.

1- I reinstalled Amplitube 5 but it made no difference.
2- Amplitube 5 and BST100 are both enabled in Plugin Manager
3- Does Gig Performer have some means of generating a crash report? I can’t find any info on that. The crash is intermittent - seems to be about 10% of the time when I switch to a specific rackspace. However, all of the plugins in that rackspace appear in at least one other rackspace.

The only thing I can think of that has changed since yesterday is that I duplicated a rackspace twice and made some tweaks to the two new ones.

I just discovered something interesting, though. The Chamelon issue only occurs when GP tries to open the GUI of a plugin on rackspace activation. In fact, it happens every time GP tries to open a GUI on a rackspace switch. This can happen in one of two ways:
1- The last view of a rackspace had a GUI open so GP opens that GUI when I return to that rackspace.
2- Some of my rackspaces have code in their script’s “On Activate” method that opens the GUI of Amplitube. However, that code has been in some of my racks for over a week.

I want to make sure it is clear that the plugins do load - it’s just that GP thinks they are unavailable initially, then loads them anyway. However, when GP does crash, it is always after one of these temporary Chameleon episodes.


Are you on Mac?

No - Windows 11