Certain patches glitching

Perhaps that’s not the most accurate subject line. When using Arturia Piano and Arturia OP-Xa, specifically a user-created patch within each one, the audio randomly glitches or cuts out, almost sounding like static. CPU is not anywhere near 100%. I’m running GP 4.7 and everything is updated.
This seems to be related to a thread from 2022 found here: GP 4.1.5 Glitching at 96K - #50 by Funky40. I’ve tried changing the sample rate, which causes GP to crash just like this other thread mentions. Reopening GP has the new sample rate setting applied, though.

I’ll continue to troubleshoot and try different combinations of settings, but I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this recently in 2023 or 2024 and found an obvious solution.

Everything is up to date, but not GP. Any reason why?

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Sorry, shouldn’t have said that earlier. I was thinking of Windows at the time I wrote that. The GP app is NOT current. I know, that’s the most critical. I ran into issues attempting to update to 4.8.2 so I left it alone on 4.7, figuring I’d troubleshoot later, but never got around to it. I would like to try uninstalling/reinstalling, but I’m afraid of losing presets and other configs. Can everything in GP be backed up simply by saving a copy of the “Documents > Gig Performer” folder (Windows, obviously)?

What exactly happened? You should start to update GP first…

After installing 4.8.2 I still see GP at 4.7. I’d like to simply try a clean installation.

Your presets won’t be affected but I am curious as to why the install of a newer version didn’t replace the older version

I’m puzzled as well. I’m fine just taking the approach I often do in such cases and reinstall. Hopefully, I won’t have this issue again. So if i back up the Gig Performer folder, I should be safe to uninstall and reinstall without losing anything?

Yes .

That said, there are no differences between 4.7 and 4.8 that impact audio