CC7 before SysEx

Here a situation where I need some help:

I’ve put my S90ES on local off and send all midi through GigPerformer > S90ES midi out block. I’d like to control the volume through a slider widget connect to CC7.
This works fine, except when I switch a sound through Sysex in setlist mode.
It seems the CC7 message widget comes BEFORE the SysEx Sound switch message, therefor doesn’t receive the CC7 message on the correct sound. (I hope I explain this right).

When I switch a sound on my S90ES (through SysEx) from song part INTRO:


This happens also with xC0 PC messages in the advanced extra midi message to send out.
Is there a way to “delay” the widget midi messages?

Hope you can help!

Can you upload a small gig so I could check the issue and timing?

Here you go!

CC7 test.gig (11.2 KB)

Found a workaround, but this is a total hack !

CC7 test.gig (12.0 KB)

The trick is to use 2 variations and in each song part use a different variation.
This way the callback on Variation() is triggered.
In scripting the cc7 is sent out 100ms delayed.

var cc : ControlChangeMessage
    SVOL : Widget
    MVOL : MidiInBlock
on Variation (old : integer, new : integer)
 cc = MakeControlChangeMessage(7, ParamToMidi(GetWidgetValue(SVOL)))
 SendLater(MVOL, cc, 100)

on Activate 
 cc = MakeControlChangeMessage(7, ParamToMidi(GetWidgetValue(SVOL)))
 SendLater(MVOL, cc, 100)

And in the back view you have to include a placeholder MIDI In Plugin

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Thanx, it works. But the scripting is way over my head :slight_smile:
Is there a chance that this will be fixed in an upcoming update?

How do I copy this script on another laptop in a different gig file?
And I have to do this for my Motif XS as well. I’ve tried to copy the code and made a similar midi in block for the xs7, but it doesn’t work :frowning:

Open the script editor via the Menu

Each rackspace can have its own script.

Just copy the code, open the rackspace in another gig and paste the code.
But you have to make sure that the referenced objects like Widgets and Midi In Block have the correct script handle assigned.

And here is a link to the scripting documenation (a good entry point)

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Is it possible to make 2 scripts to 1 rack panel (1 script for S90, 1 script for XS7)?

Sorry, I did not get it

1 rackspace has 1 script
In scripting you decide what to do.
In a rackspace you are using MIDI Out Plugins, scripting just uses this logica name you give as a handle.
In the Song Part properties you decide what to send out to the MIDI Out Block (scripting is not involved).
The script I made (with the trick to switch variaions - because of the call back On Variation) only sends out CC7 delayed.

So why use 2 scripts?

I’ve entered this issue into our tracking system