CC64 not received


I have two Midi keyboards set to send on ch 1 and ch 2 respectively through a Midi merger into one Midi-to-USB converter and on to my PC.

I’ve set two Midi in blocks sending to the same plug:
Block 1 sends from ch1 to ch1. Block 2 sends from ch2 to ch1

The plug is set to receive on ch1 and responds to both blocks; I can play the plug from both keyboards.

But: CC64 Hold is only received from the pedal connected to the keyboard sending on ch1 to ch1.
The pedal connected to the keyboard sending on ch2 to ch1 is not received, even though I see in MIDI monitor that it’s sending CC64

What can I be doing wrong?

Edit: Figure it’s because I use the pedal in another block to control a widget.
Can’t it do both, control the widget and work normally for the plugs not affected by the widget?


A midi message assigned to a widget is not sent to the plugin directly.


You are right and @pianopaul is, of course, right as well, but …

There’s nothing stopping you to put any number of widgets and assign that same CC64 message to them. Then a button widget could be connected to a MIDI In block CC64 parameter and voila - you can have your cake and eat it too :slight_smile:

Does this make sense?

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