Categories of instrument racks and midi-controller applying per instrument rack?

Hey I got a few questions I also e-mailed the support of Gig Performer but no replies yet, so maybe we can solve this here:

I have a few questions before I’m buying this amazing piece of software. If you can answer on this that would be great.

1.) If I have for example a piano as first instrument (rack) and some knobs like delay/reverb I can assign those also to my midi controller, right? Now if I switch the rack to the next instrument and assign knobs there again to my controller that will work?
Means that for each instrument rack I can assign the knobs on my controller like I want to and it ONLY will use/turn these where I have the right instrument rack selected and not turn everything which was assigned to even if not-selected?

If I save a whole project with all racks in it it keeps all positions of any knob/fader and all the values to the most current state as it is at the moment of saving?

2.) For better overview I’d like to group instrument tracks for example put all drums in one folder which I can open and close , put the keys in a folder, etc… is this possible, because I think I have not seen something like categories or folders for the racks?

Thanks guys

1)= Yes! That is the whole point of widgets!! And all it’s magic!

  1. if I understand correctly, you are free to organize as you like!

Hi @draguny, welcome to the community :wink:

This is indeed the standard behavior, but there are other possibilities.

Welcome to the forums @draguny !

If you have technical difficulties with the software you can open a support ticket. For everything else - there forums are a far better choice.

As @keyman already confirmed - YES - everything you ask in #1 can be done easily and is a big strength in GP.

For everything else - you really need to download the software and try it. Read the manual and get familiar with it. You have 2 full weeks of trial during which you can determine if the software is for you or not. Nobody else can really tell you that except yourself.

Hope this helps .

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This is the place to get support :slight_smile:

The ticket system is the last resort when issues cannot be addressed in these forums. The reason being that only a limited number of people see support tickets whereas everybody participating in our community can see questions posted here and it’s often the case that someone has already encountered or addressed the problem. This applies even to most technical problems that users might encounter.

For 2:

I think that makes no sense when you want to build key splits.
A rackspace is a collection of used plugins, widgets, Midi imputs etc.
You cannot combine rackspaces - a rackspace combines plugins and therefore sounds.

But maybe I miss something.

I’m really delighted for these fast answers, wow!

So 1 it is just important that I can use the same knobs and sliders for different things as soon as I switch the instrument rack, seems like that works out, right (so it remembers the mapping per rack)?

now 2 the grouping I wanna do is basically just have folders on my left side which I can expand or close, a very simple organzing process that I can have a folder with all drum-racks for example.

I wanna build a big project, Marc Rebillet style if you know him, and I want to have many vst sounds to be accessed very fast in a sorted manner :slight_smile:

So is there something like folders or such for this purpose?

Maybe you can switch to SetList View - but you would use it not the way it is designed for,
Create A new Set List and build songs.
In each song you create Song parts and a Song part references a rackspace variation.
Now you can give a Set List the name for example “Pianos” and build “Piano Songs”.

Or you use just 1 Set List and create a song “Pianos” and the different “Song Parts” reference your different Rackspaces with Piano sounds.

This way a song acts like you say “Folder”.

Just go get the demo, as @djogon also mentioned :wink:

If you want to do things like Marc Rebillet, you would ideally need something like a looper, which might be difficult with GP as your standalone application.
You will have problems to have a drum-VST that’s keeps playing in the background while you change rackspaces for diffrent sounds that you play with your keyboard. This is because of the rackspace-based concept, where each rackspace stands for it’s own environment which encapsules all the plugins and widgets that are used within it. BUT…
…you could start multiple instances of GigPerformer where each one can run complete diffrent things.
(most probably you will use some “virtual cabling” to connect the instances)
…you could use AbletonLive for all the looping stuff and sync it with GigPerformer.
There are some users that use this combination for their shows.

hey thank you I have the rc-505 looper already and I can do all that stuff (just select a rack and play on my midi keyboard and loop it with the USB connection to rc 505), the only thing I wanted to be improved is the way of having folders for your different types of racks, the song approach does not work for this