Case/rack recommendations

Hi guys,
Bass player here, doubler on upright and electric.
I need some input on carrying logistics for my setup.
Ultimately i would like a bag that will fit my laptop, a 16" Acer, my rackmounted rme interface and my Nektar Pacer pedal.
It should also have room for all powwr, signal and usb cables, expressiin pedals etc
Does a beast like this exist?
The main hurdle might be the nektar pacer, as its dimensions are 50cm x 23cm, but i really like the controller, so…

Any tips more than welcome.

Thanks in advance!

When I use bags, I usually use on bag per piece of equipment. I am especially afraid of having a laptop together with other pieces of gear in a single bag… poor laptop :grimacing: It is also quite curious to want to the flight case with your UCX in a bag. A flight case is already a good protection in itself… :thinking: So, why exactly do you want a unique bag? What are the dimensions of each piece of hardware you want to put in?

Thanks for your reply.
I was totally unclear, sorry. Im thinking if there exists some sort of system that holds a couole of units of rackmount, as well as a dedicated space for a laptop. I reslise that the pedalboard probably either needs a bag of its own, or i need to buy a smaller footprint board that will fit.
After posting my question i found this:

Looks like something i can use that at least will fit the interface, some cables and the laptop. Just curious if there exists other solutions people can recommend.

OK, but what is the use case. If you move the gears by yourself taking care of them, it is not the same that backstage staff doing it for you. If you want to put it on a truck or bus or airplane, it is not the same that putting it in your personal car. What’s the benefit you’re looking for by putting everything in one bag? Again, I would be very afraid to put a laptop in a bag with something heavier. Every time you unintentionally bump it during handling, the laptop takes a big risk…

This is mainly for own car transport, to try to get the amount of pieces down to a more managable number…for flying gigs i will request a powered monitor at the venue as well as finding a system of transporting the soundcard without the rack. Looking at it now, i use a half unit rme interface housed in a 2 u rack and carrying the laptop in asoft cover pn the side which is absurd. :smiley:

How about using a suitable length keyboard case sectioned off in foam for each piece of equipment.

I use an SKB 2U Studio Flyer. But you may want the 4U version. There is a space for a laptop as well ws rack spaces. They also make the Fly Rack in various sizes from 2 to I think 6 spaces. Gator also has a case that is similar to the StudioFlyer but I find it to be hideous.

Thanks, that looks excactly like what i would need!
Too bad i just bought the gator case which is kind oc hideous as you say…it doesn’t have a system for safely putting the laptop when in use, ive been setting it on top of the case, bit its nowhere near flat, and i keep worrying that it will slide off…
Oh well, it wasnt expensive, and the skb sure looks tempting…

Try putting a little rubber mat under it. Should staleize it.