Captain Plugins with GP?

I came across this suite of midi plugins today (Captain Plugins) which look really interesting. They don’t offer a trial so I was hoping someone here has tried them in GP?

There are separate plugins (Chords, Melody, Deep, Play, Beat) but some will integrate with each other. For example, if you have set up chord progressions in the Chords plugin, the bass plugin (Deep) will synchronise with Chords to match the progression.

Hmmm. No trial and I see you need a permanent internet connection when using it.
I was looking at chord progression tools, and Scaler seems to have good reviews and a free trial, so I’m giving that a go instead.

I ended up buying the Captain plugins and unfortunately the VST version of the plugins hangs GP when you open the plugin window. I’ve emailed their devs. The AU versions open, but they have 2 separate versions: one can output audio, the other can output midi. And the midi one doesn’t seem to work. Argh!

The VST is one I really want to use, as it works fine in both Live and Reaper and outputs both audio and midi. If they had a free trial I would ask @dhj and @djogon to test it out. Let’s see how quickly I get a response from the Captain devs…

I just checked on Windows 10. It took longer than normal for the Captain plugin to instantiate, and when it did, it was asking me to register the plugins. I closed GP and opened a Studio One song file that included the 4 Captain plugins. The Captain plugins instantiated normally (already registered/authorized).

So, not sure what’s happening and/or who’s “at fault.”

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The Melody, Beat and Deep VST plugins do open and work, but the interface is laggy and plugin window is created many times too wide (black background on the extra area). I can eventually find the right-hand edge but I can’t re-size it.

The Chords and Play VST plugins seem to extend the window size the same way, but these will hang GP (spinning beachball of death). The DAWs I have that I tried it in (Reaper and Live), have no problems. Also tried a few other hosts like Bluecat Patchwork and they opened ok.

@rank13 - I found that the AU versions of their plugins on the mac work much better.

The window displays better with the AU versions, but the midi AU version of the Chords plugin didn’t output properly in GP (note messages seemed to be cut really short). When I don’t open the VST window, both audio and midi output properly, so I thought that might be my best bet for getting them to work in GP, with your help of course!

I would suggest you contact them. They may not be testing or building their plugins for live use and that may be part of the issue.

They replied with the list of supported apps for Mac and would ‘pass it on to their development team’.
The plugins all work fine in Ableton Live. And the way they can be used in GP is by using them within Blue Cat PatchWork.