Can't send PC Messages to Kontakt via Widget


I’ve just bought GP and was trying to figure out how to send program changes to kontakt 7 to control my instrument bank, following this concept Widget to change programs/bank in Kontakt?

However, when I am turning the knob nothing is happening. Am I missing something obvious?
I have played around with the settings in “Global MIDI” and tried about every combination. Kontakt in standalone is working completely fine, taking PC messages from my controller (which is also not working in gp, but also not what I want to achieve, as I am using the controller to change rackspaces (which is working fine)).

My setup looks excactly as in the link above, but I could send screenshots if necessary.

I’d appreciate any help, thanks!


Can you upload your a small gig file?

PC_test.gig (3.8 MB)

Ok, this is a known Issue with Kontakt 7 VST3 version
Ableton faces the same issue

Are you on Mac?

Ok, I see, thanks for the reply. I am on Windows.

I’ve just tried it with Kontakt 6 (VST3) as well and it doesn’t seem to work either, so i guess it is related to VST3?

I do not have VST2 installed so I am not able to test that rn.

You can contact NI for that issue.
I did already, but they did not fix it yet.

Unfortunate. Thanks anyway.

I guess I’ll have to setup countless rackspaces for all my instrument’s presets then :smiley:

Or you use Kontakt Standalone and send PC messages via virtual MIDI to Kontakt.
BUT: You need a multi client ASIO driver for your audio interface.

That’s something I have not thought of, I’ll see how that works for my setup, thanks!

Hi. Try to use the VST2 version of Kontakt. It should work.

With Kontakt 7 there is no VST2 version