Can't move song (with many parts) down


When a song has many parts and fills the entire upper (song list) section, it cannot be moved down in the song list, only up.

That’s a nasty problem — thanks for reporting it

What happens when you hide the collapse the “RACKSPACE SELECTION”?

As long as the song parts do NOT take up the entire upper section it can be moved. The recording was taken on a large monitor, so with the rackspace sel closed it would work. However, on my laptop, these 15 parts would fill up the section, even with the rackspace selection closed.

Confirmed on Mac

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@ztones as a workaround you can select another song with fewer parts and then hold down the shift key while clicking and dragging the song with many parts. You should be able to drag and reposition your song without “opening” it.

This option was primarily implemented for people using the predictive loading so they don’t have to wait for songs to load while repositioning the songs within a setlist but will work in this case as well.


Thanks for the tip!