Can't Get Faders talking in TouchOSC

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I’m working on establishing communication between a widget and a TouchOSC fader. I know my systems are “talking” because I can see readout in TouchOSCs OSC log. When I move the TouchOSC fader “fader2” I get the first info. When I move the GigPerformer widget “fader2” I get the second readout. However, they are not moving in unison. What am I missing?

TouchOSC. must send /fader2/SetValue and not only /fader2

Okay Paul I wondered about that. So would I set “SetValue” as an arg in TouchOSC, or part of the actual address?

Part of the actual address I think

Got it! Thanks. In case someone else needs help, this is the setup in the new TouchOSC editor. Create a CONSTANT for the “/” and also for “SetValue”. Then the argument is the “x” value of the fader.


this is great , common knowledge but further I’ve found that when you right click and create an object button radial what have you the default address is


maybe not the place for this discussion but technically what is the “” and “name” ?
Not a constant as I’m aware but rather a string ? Further how could you create a string exactly ?
Also worth mentioning my typical work flow would be to create and object with an address like mentioned and then copy and paste hence the attributes address copied and the name of the object is increased by 1 ; button1 button2 etc … good to know that Global Rackspace widgets need to be named GlobalRackspace/button1 etc so that the OSC address would read:
/GlobalRackspace/button1/SetValue x …

@bobco631, in order to create a specific string, add a CONSTANT usin the plus symbol next to “Address”. Here you can create any custom string you want. In most cases for Gig Performer, you need to add the “/SetValue” constant. You can leave “Arguments” set to the default of x, which will transmit the fader position or radial position. If you click on the “x” argument, you can change the scale and the conversion.

Edit: You don’t need separate constants for “/” and “SetValue”, just one constant called “/SetValue”

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Did you check out our TouchOSC template?

That’s for the old version of touchosc. I think the new version is quite different

Do we have an updated template? :thinking:

And the new version is quite awesome…

Where is it?

They differentiate the original version as MK1. The new one is just “TouchOSC”. The editor is way better.

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I thought you were taling about the new GP template for Touch OSC…

Oops! Sorry about that.

Incidentally, you can just add “/SetValue” to the name of the Touch OSC object and you don’t have to then define it as a constant.

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good idea , and for Global Rackspace widget touchOSC objects isn’t it “/GlobalRackspace/SetValue” ?

That’s correct…something like this:

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