Can't connect widgets to ModoBass CS controls

I got widgets to control just about everything in Pianoteq, sooper looper, and the native plugins just fine but ModoBass doesn’t respond to the learn function nor do any parameters show up the way they do for all the other plugins. Anybody use modobass. I got all excited about all it can do. Could it be a problem with it being the free CS version?

If the plugin doesn’t expose any parameters then you can’t use host automation

Thanks dhj! It has a whole section for defining which controller # controls which parameter. I don’t think I’m doing anything different than the other plugins

I don’t know about the CS version, but with the full version you set up the parameters you want to use in the Control page. You set the CC values, and then when you set up your widgets, you assign them to the CC numbers you set up in the Control page in Modo Bass. Those CC values are what is exposed by Modo Bass to host automation.

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You have to use the VST3 version of MODO Bass for the CC Parameters to be mapped.

Thank you all for your replies. I got it working now.

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