Can't assign a midi alias (in Rig Manager) to an output

I have 2 identical soundcards – M-Audio Firewire 410’s. One is a backup that I bring to gigs just in case my primary one has a problem. – I only have 1 hooked up at a time.

When I hooked up my backup soundcard, none of my rackspaces worked – as GP recognized my audio-card as “2 FW-MAudio”. So I am assuming this is what Rig Alias’s are for – So that I can change the device in the alias list.

This works for Midi-Input, but I don’t have the option to assign an alias for the midi-output. Strangely, an entry called "(no alias) is assigned to “Local GP Port” and out → FW 410 MIDI. So in a nutshell, I am unable to alias my Midi out – and hence not able to easily switch out soundcards. Help!

At this time Rig Manager does not support MIDI out aliases.

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From the docs: “Note: defined aliases in the Rig Manager don’t apply to the MIDI outputs, only to MIDI inputs.”.

I’d like to request that as a new feature.

Will this be addressed? I have the situation where I use a MIDI Out block to choose patches on my Fantom to match the GP rackspace. If something about the MIDI port changes, those patch changes don’t work. The use of Aliases for MIDI Out bocks would mitigate this issue.

Are you using Windows or Mac?

For Windows you could use loopmidi + the router program I wrote (search the forum for MidiUWProuter)

For mac I think you could try the inbuilt virtual midi cables + a midirouter from txl20

(Description you see here is plain wrong)

The router from txl20 also comes as an application for Windows if you don’t like the program I wrote (that not mandatory :grinning:)

I’m on Windows. Thank you for that, I’ll have a read and investigate.